LI-5M03 on Beagleboard?

Does anyone have a Leopard Imaging board working with their
beagleboard? Specifically, the LI-5M03? I downloaded this patch:

and applied it to my kernel. I don't get any log messages, and
there's no /dev/videoX file created for the Leopard camera.

Can anyone point me in a direction? I'm at a loss at this point to go
any further.


I believe there must be a special argument in u-boot

2010/12/15 Jared Luxenberg <>

Is this to turn on i2c? i2c appears to be working as I have files in
/dev/i2c*. Do you have any more details about the argument or what it


for 3M camera you put this argument to bootargs:

I think something similar must be for 5M camera

2010/12/15 Jared Luxenberg <>

In addition to the patches that make it work with the 355 board you
will have to send I2C commands to the TPS65950 to set both the
VAUX3.out and VAUX4.out to 1.8V and to set the LEDA pin to TRUE
(high). This device is on the I2C1 port. See page 96 of the BEAGLE XL
reference manual.

You will also have to rewrite the patches to account for the
differences between the LEOPARD 355 board and the BEAGLE XM. I am not
sure that the 355 used the I2C2 port for the camera board. There are
many references to the file drivers/mfd/dm355evm_msp.c which may not
exist on the BEAGLE XL image.

I am just getting started on this project myself and I hope that
someone does the work for me.

Good luck!



I am trying to get the LI-5M03 working.
What additions have been made to uboot to enable these cameras?


Could anyone mention the steps to enable LI-5M03 on beagle board. What
modification are required in boot.scr or u-boot ?

Was anyone able to use LI-5M03 on beagleboard.
Can anyone provide patches for the same.


Have any one tried with the VGA camera? Is it same as in 3MP camera, where you put this argument to bootargs:

To use the VGA camera you would need the bootarg camera=lbcmvga.

You also need to make sure you have the driver installed and inserted
into the kernel. For the VGA camera that would be kernel-module-
mt9v113 and for the 3M camera the correct driver would be kernel-
module-mt9t111. Once you insert the driver into the kernel you should
get a message on your terminal informing you your camera has been
detected as video0.

Hope this helps.

I have installed the 3MP camera successfully. I used the demo image
that came with the -XM board. The camera showed up as /dev/video0 and
I was able to use it by issueing the comand " mplayer tv://
device=/dev/video0 ". I have been working on other things and have
not had the time to work the BeagleBoard. It has been quite
frustrating to work with the BeagleBoard due to the fragmentated and
poorly documentated development.


I am totally new on the LInux Environment, could you help me on configuring or installing the drivers for the 5Mpx camera on the BEagleBoard??