libgpiod-tools gpioinfo missing for beaglebone

Hi @RobertCNelson ,
There are 2 “parallel” dts files for the BBB and BBG:

It seems that the green version is missing the gpio labels, so they are not shown when gpiolib is used. Could you double confirm whether this is the case and they should be copied over to the green dts from the black dts?

I would appreciate your feedback!

Could catch! pushed: am335x-bonegreen: add gpio-line-names (4890021a) · Commits · / BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees · GitLab

i just ran sed over the file and removed the HDMI names, (so we should double check) and we should label uart2 (grove connector)… otherwise if you want to submit this mainline go ahead! :wink:


Hi Robert,
Thank you for the confirmation and the fix. I will try to double check your changes today. The credit for finding this one should go to Jon Cormier from the meta-ti Yocto group.

@RobertCNelson could you tell me how does the pipeline work here? I mean- you have made the change in this Gitlab instance, while I have linked the sources from the Yocto recipe from Github. In practice, how to get your changes there for the Yocto Kirkstone branch of poky/ meta-ti?

So in meta-ti, just bump the beagleboard bb file with the new branch: Branches · beagleboard/linux · GitHub GitHub - beagleboard/linux at v6.1.69-ti-r20