librobotcontrol support for newer boards

Preliminary librobotcontrol support for BeagleBone AI, BeagleBone AI-64 and BeagleV-Fire has been drafted, but it needs to be cleaned up. We can also work on support for Raspberry Pi if UCSD releases their Hat for it.

Goal: Update librobotcontrol for Robotics Cape on BeagleBone AI, BeagleBone AI-64 and BeagleV-Fire
Hardware Skills: Basic wiring, some DC motor familiarity
Software Skills: C, Linux
Possible Mentors: @jkridner, @lorforlinux
Expected size of project: 175 hours
Rating: Medium
Upstream Repository: / librobotcontrol Β· GitLab


@lorforlinux do we need to swap this on GSoC @ β€” documentation with something with more mentor and contributor interest?

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Hello, can you share how can I start working on this project? What can be good first time issues to solve in this project. maybe?

If you don’t have a board, maybe start by digging through the structure and what needs to be updated to be more Linux-generic and use header mapped I/O, rather than SoC-mapped. You can look at the work-in-progress branches to get an idea of what I mean and the blog posts and documentation on cape compatibility.

You can also look at what it would take to make Robotics Control Library β€” BeagleBoard Documentation to look more like Robot Control Library: Main Page.

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