I want to know if I design something using beaglebone, a cape and a Linux distribution,
would it be possible to sell that product commercially? would it consider to be open source? And what is the license and restrictions?
Is there any reference for Linux ported for beaglebone license ? Do they include any 3rd party packages?



Well, you have to honor the license of any package you put in your "product".

Do a license review of that first, then you'll know what you can and can not do.



The Open Compute Project has established two new hardware licenses, sharing the details and rationale at

I'd like to recommend the BeagleBoard Foundation consider adopting the OCP Hardware License Permissive, which is similar to the Apache 2.0 license applied to important projects like Apache web server, Hadoop, Mesos, and Open Office.

Switching to the OCPHL-P would increase use cases for the BeagleBone Black as a development board and a foundation for derivative hardware. It would also allow more companies and organizations to participate in BBB hardware development, since design modifications could be made in private for special use cases while improvements to the core platform continue to be shared with the community. It seems like OCPHL-P meets the spirit of the terms of use on the hardware and provides a potentially more commercial friendly license for the schematics.

Has this been considered at all? Is there interest or openness to discussing?