life expentancy for BB

Today I smelled from my C4, the right upper corner of the C4 becomes
hot suddently. After it is powered off, I reboot, there is no light on
board any more. Is it possible to get its life back again? I have used
it for one and half year. How long is the life expentancy of BB? I
think its life is short if it is used in a product in normal

I doubt you have a situation of it dieing because of normal use. It may have been exposed to something that has caused a failure. Not having the board in front of me, it is rather difficult to see what may be wrong with your board. The only way to determine this is to send it in and have it looked at. If it can be repaired it will be repaired. But, until it is looked at, no one can answer you question.

Now, if it is being used in a product, that is another story as the board was not designed to operate in specific products as it is impossible to know how the board is being used in all products in order to design it in a specifc way. That is why we say that it is not for use in products. In addiiton, we will change the board design as needed and do not continue to build the older revisions once a new revision comes out. Therefore there is no availability guarantee of that particular version of a board being around,. If it is being used in a product, then it is up to you do determine that is is suitable for use on that particular product and your responsibility to find a way to keep it being built for the life of your product…


In message

Thanks, can you advise me how to diagnose it and repair it if it is a
simple fault ( just use meter and soldering)? Initially, I would like
to remove D5 to check if TPS73701 is damaged. In terms of TRM,
TPS73701 has thermal shutdwon and current limit protection. Otherwise,
it is hard to repair. How much does it cost to send it in for

Repair is free, as long as ther are no signs of customer damage, and you pay the shipping here and we pay the shipping back, unless you want fast return delivery.


Where is your shipping address?


You first must request the RMA. Go to

Do not ship the board until the RMA has been approved.