Lightweight kernel image?

I’m wanting to develop on the BBB using Wt and Boost libraries. But this is an issue because the boost libraries themselves are 400MB plus the Wt source to build, and then some space for development. So I’m wondering if anyone has any tips for reducing the amount of space used up in the emmc images so I can free up more development space?

it's a lot less with the debug symbols stripped, try installing the boost libs from the angstrom repo

I tried opkg install boost but it seems to have only installed a few libraries, I’m assuming the native compiled ones, but non of the header only ones or anything like that.

Am I missing something?

Generally, the Angstrom repo tends to split up the compiled stuff from the development files. You likely need to do an “opkg install boost-dev” or something like that.

You should grep the opkg list for everything containing “boost” and have a look for stuff you may be missing:

opkg update
opkg list | grep boost