Limited Storage, use eMMC or SD Card?


I just noticed that the 4 GB eMMC of the Beagle Bone Black is running full really quickly (about 300-500 MB of own files, and it started complaining when updating everything).

Just out of curiosity, are there any advantages from running on the eMMC instead of an external SD card? I have not found many information on that topic (but maybe I looked at the wrong places) or a general recommendation on whether to boot from eMMC or SD card. What would be the easiest way to transfer the eMMC content to the external SD card? I would guess that I can use a backup created with the utility. Do I still need to clear the eMMC? If I run the debian image from the SD card, is it still possible to use the eMMC somehow?

Kind Regards

Hello there! In my little to none experience with BBB, using the eMMC is better suited for basic applications, and more likely for a server linux than a desktop one. The problem I’ve found when using a microSD is that, in order to boot the OS properly, you’ve to hold the SD boot button for a little while, and doing that in every start is kinda annoying. Btw, I think my eMMC is corrupt, do you know how could I fix it?