Linux-3.8.13 with RGB resolution 320x240

Hi all,

I have an AM3352 bases custom board. I've tried to configure framebuffer driver for small RGB 320x240 TFT LCD in linux-3.8.13 but it doesn't work. In the old kernel linux-3.2.0 I can modify some file such as board-am335xevm.c, da8xx-fb.c and it works properly. The new kernel implements DT files so it is new for me, I don't know how make a .dts congifuration file for RGB 320x240 TFT LCD.

On AM3352 should we use drm or da8xx-fb and why ? Any reference .dts file for RGB 320x240 resolution ?

Thank you very much.

Pls help me,

AM3352 without GPU, should we use drivers/gpu/drm/tilcdc or drivers/video/da8xx-fb.c ???