Linux development platform do you use on BB and Your PC

I installed Debian 64 bit and kdevelop on my pc. plan on learning about C++ and angstrom on my BB.

Basiclly, kdevelop won't recognize that I've installed GCC, and is just being a pain. can't even get hello world to compile or debug.

Hardware is asus board w serial, AMD quad phenom, onboard geforce graphics, 2gig ddr2, and sata 500 gig. Planning on Linux only.

what do you folks use or recommend.



Hello Bill,
I have Linux Ubuntu in my BeagleBoard and gcc works fine. However, I
use most of the time Windows in my computer and I have installed Putty
and WinSCP. They are great.
I have also Linux Ubuntu 9.10 in my laptop and it works fine.

Using gnu/linux as a development environment is a good start - the
whole OS is there to help you develop a result, not just one possibly
flaky IDE and an OS that gets in your way the whole time and provides
no useful tools out of the box.

For C I personally use emacs and write Makefiles manually, and you
could use any of a large number of other editors if that is not your
favourite. At least when you write Makefiles yourself, you only have
one place to look for build issues, not trying to fight hidden bugs in
monolithic software programmes (like not finding gcc? sheesh).
Handily, the same approach works just as well for small to medium
sized projects using the beagleboard directly or logged in remotely,
so is probably a useful skill to know anyway.

But if you insist on an IDE then eclipse or netbeans might be worth a
look with their C support and they run very nicely on that class of
machine (basically what i'm using); although i've only used them for

I use Slackware 13.1 (32 bit), Kde4, QTCreator, QT4-4.6.3