linux suited for video processing applications


I have just begin with the BB-xm thankfully because of the support of
this group.
I am now planning to use the SD card for booting the BB-xm using a
linux distro suited for real time video processing applications.
As a novice, I don't know which distro (Angstrom, Ubuntu, Android,
etc) would fit for the purpose.
Geniuses out there, kindly help!!!

Yogesh Bisht

Could You Clarify your applications?

Yeah sure. We are planning to make a safety device for moving vehicles
that could capture videos in real time, calculate the distance from
possible obstacles and give corresponding feedback so that the driver
can take necessary actions at right time.
Any help from your side would be great.

All OS are compatible.But you can prefer to start with Angstrom as lot of support available and have good performance.