LinuxTag 2009 Germany?


I just noticed that in Upcoming Events section mentions LinuxTag [1].

I can't find any Beagle related announcement for this, though. Will there be something Beagle/OMAP3 related at LinuxTag?

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I think that there will be at least one BB at OpenEmbedded booth.


Marcin Juszkiewicz <> writes:


TI will have a booth at LinuxTag 2009 similar to last year. We plan a
couple of demos centered around BeagleBoard but OMAP-L1 will also be
present this time. Two papers from TI have been accepted that are
related to BeagleBoard/OMAP3 software.

A couple of new BeagleBoard RevC will be available to sponsor
interesting projects. Others boards will go away by a raffle.

We are really looking forward to meet you there.