Load Cape Questions

Looking at the schematics and documentation for the Load cape:

  • What is the I2C EEPROM for?
  • I compared its pinout to the BeagleV -Ahead and they appear to be the same, but the Load cape product page does not explicitly state that the cape is compatible with the BeagleV -Ahead. Can anyone confirm that they are in fact compatible?
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The EEPROM, I once thought, was for Cape detections that were automatic in the firmware from beagleboard.org. There is a good write up online.

If researching ideas, try the site and then look throughout the beaglebone black docs.

That will give you insight on EEPROM on the Capes and that they get automatically detected.


For the BeagleV-Ahead, I am not sure if the load cape is fully functional w/ the firmware.

There is a good site online called docs.beagleboard.org. On their site, you can find the Cape Interface Spec.

I think this will be a good thing to learn, i.e. as hopefully following will be the BeagleV-Ahead. Just for reference here, I am only an onlooker and I am not affiliated.


update for the Relay Cape so far…

I do not understand the FS so far. I am trying to learn it.


I see the images section from the docs. pages. Get that Ubuntu image on your BeagleV-Ahead. Then, get BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees installed via make all && sudo make install. make all may need sudo too. I cannot remember.

Anyway, I am going to test the Relay Cape now. I will report back once I get it up and running.

And…about the Load Cape, I will test it too.



There is more to it than I can configure for now. I will have to get you updated w/ the Capes and BeagleV-Ahead later. I am sorry.

Another Update

So, here is the Relay Cape and Fan Cape working in cahoots on the BeagleV-Ahead! It works. It is alive!


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Thanks for going to the trouble!

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@lavadisco ,

The Load Cape will be next. I will test it soon.


Comms cape would also be an interesting test

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I am just looking back at the forums now. I see you just posted. I am sorry for not getting to the Load Cape just yet.

I do not carry a COMMS Cape. It would be neat to test those technologies…

In fact, I think an older model book has UART and COMMS tech. involved. I need to reread the sections but I think at one point in the book, the author goes over some basics on UART and vehicles technologies.

Although the source he uses is written in Adafruit_BBIO, I am sure the COMMS Cape could be an easy replacement. Aw…yes. Ch. 13 of “The BeagleBone Black Primer (McLaughlin 2016)” book refers to sniffing out car issues…


P.S. If people are interested in loads and sources, I found a control.com site that has a brief introduction of ideas: https://control.com/textbook/dc-electricity/electrical-sources-and-loads/

And…there is a small test program w/ brief instructions on motor usage w/ the Load Cape: GitHub - silver2row/loadcape: Load Cape

So, those are some updates in case people are wondering about this specific BeagleV-Ahead and the Load Cape. Oh!

/sys/class/leds is where one can find the files when using the overlay for the Load Cape.