Load Cell & HX711 Board with Beaglebone Black

Hi all,

I’m trying to interface a load cell strain gauge with the HX711 breakout board (Sparkfun) and the Beaglebone Black using Python. I haven’t been successful in getting any readings from GPIO or I2C and am truly stuck. I was trying to copy/implement code I found for reading a load cell on Raspberry Pi, but that was also unsuccessful, despite the code working just fine on my Raspberry Pi.

This is the code I’m trying to use and I adapted it to the Beaglebone using Adafruit’s BBIO library, to no avail.
I’m not sure if I’m skipping some step or anything but no research I’ve done has proved to be successful in aiding me accomplish my task.

Thanks for any help!

Well, the interface for the HX711 is not I2C, so you can stop messing with that.
It is a unique custom serial interface.
Most likely solution is to bit bang the interface using several GPIO pins.

You should bring it up in layers.
Start by learning to read the raw value from the part at a low level, before you start trying to process the results.

Write some diagnostic code, so you can dump the bits as they come in.

Get an oscilloscope, so you can watch the bits wiggle and read them on the scope.

— Graham

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