Loading DSPLink Module on xM

For the last couple of days am trying to setup the DSP side of DM 3730
on my Beagleboard-xM (Rev A3) with a Angstrom 2011 build.
During boot, the kernel message shows

Loading kernel modules for gstreamer-ti...
Running /usr/share/ti/gst/omap3530/loadmodules.sh[ 66.093566] CMEMK
module: built on Jan 25 2011 at 21:07:57
[ 66.099884] Reference Linux version 2.6.32
[ 66.104675] File /OE/angstrom-dev/work/beagleboard-angstrom-linux-
[ 66.124725] CMEM Range Overlaps Kernel Physical - allowing overlap
[ 66.131835] CMEM phys_start (0x86300000) overlaps kernel
(0x80000000 -> 0xa0000000)
[ 66.140106] CMEMK Error: Failed to request_mem_region(0x86300000,
FATAL: Error inserting cmemk (/lib/modules/2.6.32/kernel/drivers/dsp/
cmemk.ko): Bad address
[ 66.175445] DSPLINK Module ( created on Date: Jan 25
2011 Time: 20:51:12
[ 66.210632] SDMAK module: built on Jan 25 2011 at 21:08:00
[ 66.216949] Reference Linux version 2.6.32

so i made a look into "/usr/share/ti/gst/omap3530/loadmodules.sh" ,
which shows


Did you use boot.scr to set the memorymap?

Did you use boot.scr to set the memorymap?

No, jost copied the MLO, u-boot.bin & uImage from /boot of the
Angstrom image to 'boot'(Primary, FAT32 partition)

The ram of the XM needs to be partitioned/reserved.
A portion reserved for linux. Another for DSP.

To do that you need a script that tells the initial bootloader to do

Google mkimage boot.scr setenv beagleboard.
You'll find a tutorial.

I was facing a similar problem... found solution on