logging data from encoders

i am using beaglebone blue to operate a mechnical system using to encoders one from the engine and one from an incremental encoder, i need to extract this signals from the encoder for later use but iam having a problem doing so, so far the best i managed was to get a read of the last second.
i am new to this board so i cant locate the problem, i am using my computer connected via USB and there is no SDcard in the board itself, can someone walk me through a guide to fix this, i already tried the following guide with out sucsses

thnks for any help that can be given

I don’t have a clue regarding this system. Just read about it moments ago, were you able to get the LED to blink?

The docs show 2017 copyright, so relative to the rest of the digital world it is VERY stale. That was also done during Win 10 and Win 11 will not play the same.