login as root in beaglebone green

Hii all,
I’m a newbe to the BBG, usually I’m using arduino to my electronic project, but I want to upgrade my electronic project using beaglebone green
I’m using "Flasher"debian 9.5 image and when I using putty to login as root, I can’t login, but when I login as debian I can login, my problem is, is that possible to login as root in BBG, not using command “sudo su” on terminal


You can login as "root" over the serial interface...

ssh has "root" disabled by default due to security reasons..

If you don't care about security, you can enable it via:



Please don’t use “sudo su”. That’s redundant. You are saying SuperUserDO followed by “SuperUser”

Use “sudo -s”
It’s one simple step but keeps security where it should be.