Login password not accepting


I am a newbie, i just got my new beaglebone black. By checking out a video, i was trying to setup remote session in eclipse.
Probably there was a typo while choosing a password.

I am not able to connect beaglebone black in eclipse, since it is asking for a password and it is throwing an error that the password is incorrect.

When i do ssh through terminal in linux, then also i am facing the same problem. so this means that it is the login password.

Is there anyway by which the password can be reset?

The OS is out of the box, it is angstrom.


There are a few options.

  1. Follow the instructions on the post linked below.

  2. Login via serial debug port, and fix the RSA key as mentioned in the link below

  3. Login via g_serial, and fix the RSA key as mentioned in the link below

Not sure if g_multi is running on the original Angstrom image or not. It’s been too long . . .