Long Delay before Mouse can be used.

Hi All

I have a BBB booting from the uSD into Debian Stretch GUI.
The Image is 4.14-108-ti-r119
All updates current.

My problem is that the mouse takes 1 minute from when the pointer is first visible to when it responds to mouse movements.
By this time the gui is complete on the screen.
If I Auto-start my application, then it will be fully loaded and waiting for another 20 seconds before it responds to the mouse.
My application will by this time already have initialized 10 Wifi Smart Switches(via Ethernet Router).

The same applies when I remove the Mouse and connect my 7" Touchscreen.

Not Auto-starting my App and just booting to the gui will take 1 minute before the mouse responds.
Normally when booting into Debian 10 on my development PC, the mouse is immediately available when the pointer is visible.

Does anyone have any experience in this area ?