Looking for a group interested in a Privacy & Security Project

Hi! I am a Graduate student from Michigan State University. I am deeply interested in pursuing a project in Security Project on Beagle Board. I have taken a few classes and consider myself only an enthusiastic novice.

I read that Steve Arnold “nerdboy” will be our mentor for this topic. Can I get in touch with him?

Check on IRC. bbb.io/gsocchat

Also should monitor this list.

Thanks for your swift response.

Hi, I’m usually in several freenode IRC channels (such as #beagle-gsoc and #gentoo-arm) and I have the forum notifications enabled (the “nerdboy” part is my gentoo/IRC nickname from a long time ago…).

Feel free to write down/discuss your ideas and ask questions either here or in #beagle-gsoc. If you don’t normally use IRC you might want to try the freenode web interface: https://webchat.freenode.net/