looking for an OE build that keeps up with u-boot and kernel for the BBB

sort of a followup to my earlier post -- didn't know whether this
was an OE question, or meta-openembedded, or meta-ti ... but it's
definitely a BBB question so i'll ask here.

  i'm looking for an openembedded-based build for a basic image for my
BBB that:

  1) works right out of the box,
  2) therefore, can be easily analyzed in a classroom, and
  3) keeps up with the latest u-boot and kernel developments

  at the moment, i'm using the meta-beagleboard layer to build a
core-image-minimal image, and that works fine -- the resulting u-boot
and kernel and rootfs objects give me a perfectly bootable system.

  however, the kernel recipes from the meta-beagleboard are limited to
the 3.7 and 3.8 kernels, which is fine if i want stability, but i'm
willing to live dangerously in order to keep up with the latest
commits to both u-boot and the kernel.

  i have all of the meta-ti and meta-angstrom and meta-arago layers
checked out, and i can see that the meta-ti layer has the image recipe
"ti-hw-bringup-image.bb", which sounds exactly like what i'm after --
a simple, stripped-down image focused on board bringup and

  that image file contains the line:

include recipes-images/angstrom/systemd-image.bb

so, obviously, i'll need the meta-angstrom layer for that
systemd-image.bb recipe file.

  still in meta-ti, i can see the u-boot recipe file
u-boot-ti-staging_git.bb, which looks like it will let me keep up with
u-boot developments, and there's a linux-ti-staging_git.bb recipe file
for the kernel.

  am i going down the right road here? can someone suggest a selection
of layers, and a choice of image, and any settings for
generated artifacts for a BBB and incorporate state-of-the-art u-boot
and kernel versions?


Considering that there are some breakages in the 3.11 kernel that won’t be fixed at all until 3.12, I’m avoiding living dangerously and sticking with 3.8.

In any case, I find the script method to be good to keep up with the ‘latest’:

The docs there are a little out of date, for the latest distro: From a linux command line/terminal: