Looking for barebones .config file of the Linux kernel

I am compiling a minimalistic Linux kernel for my purposes and would appreciate if anyone can share their bare-bones kernel (so, I’ll have a starting point instead of starting with the selection of the CPU). Since I am not too familiar with the OMAP as yet, I want the .config file that captures the required modules/drivers for things like nand flash, lpddr, timers, buses, GPIO, power, graphics etc.
Also, what is the de-facto dev environment for beagle-based software development? I am looking at both ELDK and Scratchbox2 (with CS toolchain). Currently I am using Scratchbox2, any other/better GPL (or similar) ones around that everyone uses?


I don’t have a kernel .config as yet, but for your second question, Open Embedded seems to be the answer (since you look like going a distro-way), as suggested by Paul. I was not aware of OE until I saw the post from Paul and so cannot say if its the best. Does ELDK support Cortex A8? I thought the toolchains are old, but I maybe wrong.

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As a follow-on, I’d like to ask the community if someone can help me with a beagleboard emulator (maybe on Qemu) that I can use to soft-test my code.