Looking for Design Internship opportunity : Contribution through design


I am Aditya Bansal, a second-year bachelors in Design student at Delhi Technological University where my specialization includes Interaction Design, Brand Strategy and cognitive ergonomics. I am looking for internship opportunities to work as part of your design team or contribute to a project. I understand due to COVID-19 Pandemic these are tough situations from both corporations and applicants, any opportunity is welcomed.

My experience includes working as a project intern at Defense Research and Development Organisation, I have also interned as UI/UX designer for Skilling You and EasyPG, helping them create meaning user interfaces for their digital services. I have undertaken various projects from evaluating Cognitive behavior of individuals to developing complete corporate identity of cloud gaming company “Aurora”. I have undertaken various certifications from reputed institutes around the globe on Development and UX design. I have been a global finalist at Hack COVID-19 event. Had multiple publications in the field of Human-computer Interaction.

If you have any requirement for a Design Intern, or there’s any project for me, do reach me out!

(updated resume attached)


Resume_Aditya_Design_.pdf (116 KB)