looking for latest, greatest BBB kernel source, and patch.sh question

what is considered the latest, greatest kernel source tree for
building for the BBB? currently, i used openembedded and the
meta-beagleboard layer, which uses mainline kernel 3.8 and applies a
bazillion patches. which works, but i'd like to work with something
more current.

  i'm looking at the beagleboard kernel source at github, the 3.11


which looks promising, but there's something strange about that
script, if you look at line 107:

... snip ...
  echo 'SRC_URI += " \' >> ${EXPORTPATH}-oe/recipes-kernel/linux/${RECIPENAME}

if [ -f ${DIR}/patch_script.sh ] ; then
... snip ...

  according to the colour coding, that escaped single quote above
starts sucking up a number of lines after that. shouldn't there be an
escaped backslash there? or am i misreading something?

  in any event, what would be considered the cutting edge kernel
source for the BBB? thanks.