Looking for quadrature speed encoders

I am working on a smart car using the beaglebone blue. I have simple one pulse speed sensors from 10Gtek but I am not getting valid readings from these. I found a posting that shows how to modify the robot control library, but it might be easier just to get new speed encoders (and wheels) that are directly compatible with the BB blue, preferably including the correct JST connectors.

I’ve searched extensively online and can’t find what I need. (Or maybe I am looking at it and don’t recognize it.)

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?


I am not up to speed on encoders.


I found some JST connectors a while back. I will show the photo of the motor(s) along w/ the JST connectors.


P.S. Accessories · beagleboard/beaglebone-blue Wiki · GitHub

Oh! The photo:

Now, that is only the connector (two pin) for a DC Motor along w/ the motor and attachment. They may still be out there (the connectors). I have not researched it recently. I just saw this idea: AMT10E Series | Modular | Incremental | Rotary Encoders

I also found some wires w/ attachments from Pololu.

The Library you are describing is nice. I always wanted to get good at it for building flying robots. Anyway, thank you for bringing this up. I hope other people join in too.