Looking for someone to port software for me for BBB

I am looking for someone to port/compile a software package for me to run on the BBB - http://www.sedonadev.org
Here are the porting instructions - http://www.sedonadev.org/doc/porting.html

I have a discussion going nowhere - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/sedonadev/oca1RvvcKSU

Please let me know what it will take to do this.


It’ll take getting your hands dirty or making it worth someone else’s time and effort to get their hands dirty. People in forums tend to be helpful when it comes to small requests, but it sounds like you’re asking for someone to donate a weeks’ worth of effort to just hand you something on a silver platter. Just sayin’.

If you want to win kudos, you can do the work and then post the steps for others to benefit from your labor.


This is not my first rodeo. I am not expecting something for nothing.

In the posts on the Sedona forum, I said …

I am comfortable with some software, not proficient in enough areas.
If someone has a BBB and would do this …
If someone wants me to buy them a BBB so they can do this …
… it would save me that much time.
I know what I am good at and where my time is best spent.

If it is OK to say here, I am willing to pay someone to do this.

I am not looking for any more pointers to give me direction. I am looking for someone to do the task.


So. What is the task ??



Did you read the original post?


My bad. I missed that. Carry on.

What I think most or maybe just me is not getting is why you're not just
making the package yourself? There is no "porting" to be done. It is
already setup to run for linux, and like the other post said you just
need to do it for armv7 vs armv6. You just need to compile for your
needs, very simple to do yourself.

Also what OS are you doing this on? If you were on Arch you could use
their PKGBUILD and just type this
pacman -U pkgname

I know on debian/ubuntu it pretty simple to make your own pkg as well
angstrom well I wont even comment.

If you really just want a package for the BB and just cant be bothered
to compile it yourself, then contact me off list


I don’t know what I don’t know.
I am not an every-day *nix user.

I have installed both Debian and Ubuntu an my BBB and figured out how to to install JAVA on both. Arch looks to be a bit of a process to burn it to the onboard flash.

I do not see where I can contact you from here.
Please hit me up at tonsofbuys@gmail.com.