looking for speed backup/restore of bbb emmc


I've done some image flashing and appreciate beaglebone-black-make-microSD-flasher-from-eMMC.sh and the speed of the bmaptool. I use dd to backup the image sd to to local disk. This will cp the full size of the sd even if only a part is used. Is there an easy way to make a cp of the sd image without cp'ing the whole sd can be 4 - 32 GB).

As I understand beaglebone-black-make-microSD-flasher-from-eMMC.sh not only creates 2 partitions of the std. (emmc) image but also cp's the bootloader. So cp of the partitions is not sufficient?

Booting from sd will a direct dd emmc to nfs and vice versa work? Still cp too much then. And no speedup of bmaptool.

I had 2 times kernel errors during startup after image restore which were resolved after running updatebootloader script. Apparently the cp of uboot isn't flawless for old 2014 versions (but still boots!)? Sorry no details but using a mix of a5c, c and bbg with images from aug 2014 3.14-ti till recent.

Well, think about what is different about your SDCard image vs the original SDCard image you started with. Make a note of the image you used to create your SDCard, and then backup your working SDCard with rsync:

sudo rsync -av /media/<userid>/rootfs/ ~/sdcardbackup/rootfsV4.1.6/

Now when you need a new SDCard from your backup, use the same image to create a new SDCard as you did before and then restore from your backup using rsync:

sudo rsync -av ~/sdcardbackup/rootfsV4.1.6/ /media/<userid>/rootfs/

This will only copy the changes you made to the original SDCard image.