LoRaWAN on the Pocketbeagle

Has anyone used a LoRa module such as the SX127x with the Pocketbeagle or the Beaglebone Black?

Since the SX127x module(s) use SPI, do I need to enable the SPI bus before using a library like pySX127x?

I want to explore LoRaWAN on the Pocketbeagle with the SX127x module using Python.

All and any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks and Best regards

Hello There,

I am not familiar w/ LoRaWAN or the Pocket Beagle but it is always interesting for me to learn moreā€¦

Outside of that idea, there may be some lingering DTS files dedicated to making /dev/spidev0.0 - 1.1 work symlinked to /dev/bone/spi.

I do not know much of what you are trying to accomplish but smbus in python3 works. I have found a nifty library in python3 called smbus2 also.


P.S. To any ideas around and from what I have used previously, the /dev/spidevN interface/peripheral is still around and working. I can probably help a bit but I may not know when or how to understand specifics on your programming context.