Lost USB networking with Mac? How do I find it again?


I’ve been playing around with the BBB and successfully using the USB networking. The other day, it just stopped?

In my efforts to get things going again, I have

  1. Flashed the system with the latest Debian image
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled both the ftdi and horndis drivers.

At this point there is just nothing showing up on the network? No “New Adapter”. No nothing. Just complete network silence.

Interestingly, when I connect the USB I am able to see the BBB as a removable hard drive, so the physical layer appears to be working fine. Also I am able to get onto the BBB using the ethernet port, so I know that things are running. I’m just not getting USB networking… and I am depending on USB networking for my project.

Any suggestions for how to debug this will be greatly appreciated.



Additional info…

I had a nagging suspicion that I had physically broken something on the BBB during, so this afternoon I picked up a brand to BBB.

Same issues.

So I guess that this issue must be with my mac? I’m not sure how to debug this thing further than uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers.

Any suggestions are welcome.