LPDDR to SDRC , beagle board

i am working on beagle board, OMAP 3530DZCBB package, we have selected
SDRAM from MICRON (part number MT46H256M32L4JV-6IT ) for interfacing
(POP), OMAP 3530 top 168 balls are exactly matching with SDRAM except
2 balls,

in OMAP 3530, ball numbers AC5 and P1 are connected to vdds_mem

but in SDRAM, AC5 and P1 are defined as NC. the rest of the balls
like data, address, chip select, bank select, all are matching.

please suggest me, what to do ?
if i connect LPDDR to SDRC, what will happen to the processor?

thanks and regards

N Reddy

It should work fine.