lucid 10.04.1 on the xM ... yee ha.

finally got all the HW bits together and, following along here:

"installed" lucid 10.04.1 on my xM from the prebuilt image (at least
for now). sweet. as a quick summary, connected both USB keyboard and
mouse to the xM, and using a 1600x900 gateway LCD display. set up my
SD card with:

$ sh \
  --mmc /dev/sdb \
  --uboot beagle \
  --swap_file 50 \
  --addon pico [since i have a v1 pico projector]

and it just worked (haven't tested the pico yet). all of the above
was done on a fully-upgraded, pre-maverick release of ubuntu on my
build host. no surprises, it just worked. thank you, robert nelson.



Thanks for reporting the success. I am just about to get my own XM up and running with a demo image, but I cannot find the default username/password for the demo image.

What did you use to login?

Thank you for the help!

the first time you fire up the board, you'll be asked to configure
all of that.


There is no default username/password... On the demo images listed on
the elinux ubuntu wiki...

On first boot plug in a dvi/lcd monitor and enter in your new unique

If this doesn't work for you, use rootstock from trunk on your own and
specify a "--login" and "--password"