LXDE desktop on Ubuntu armel - no xwindows at boot (or anywhere else)

I may have taken it very simplistically but when I installed lxde for
Ubuntu armel for my BB it booted fine but it only booted to the
command line and I was not able to get it to boot into the lxde
desktop. Also, since I followed the build recommendation and set it up
under the user "ubuntu" with the temppwd password it did not seem to
create a root user with no password (unless there is a standard one in
lxde / ubuntu that I am unaware of). so I was not able to do many
other tasks that might have allowed me to find out why and how to boot
successfully. In fact I was not able to shutdown and had to just
depower my BB to exit. Not a pretty picture, eh? Any suggestions?
Thanks, 73.


Hi Rob,

Traditionally, Ubuntu has never had a 'root' user, so the first user
you create with the script on the wiki has 'root' access via 'sudo'...
(just like regular ubuntu on x86)...

Compared with Debian, ubuntu's lxde,gdm, should come up with no
changes to xorg. Which kernel are you running? And what's your