LXQT Desktop on BBB corrupts

Hi All

New here and a few months on BBB.

Development on uSD with LXQT desktop straight from the image: 2018-10-17.
Linked to Laptop via wifi modem on usb port (using Nitroshare), keyboard & mouse etc.

Installed a number of programs to edit compile; Geany, Freebasic, Qupzilla, Document viewer, Gedit and Calculator.
Libpruio, LibAllegro4 and Libcgui.

I run the program from the uSD and test it, then when done copy it to the Flash drive.

All good.
Except the Desktop gets corrupted without touching any of my additional installs.
The corruption shows itself as completely removing all my icons and replacing them with

folders from the disk in order ie: bin boot dev etc home …19 in total plus a document icon for each document

that may happen to be in the root folder.

I can make it happen by:
Changing the wallpaper
Logging out and logging back in as standard user.

If you use PCManFM to browse the disk, the Desktop folder on the disk still has the right content.
I can do everything I do normally except not from the desktop.
This is really annoying.

To correct this, I have to reimage the uSD.

Would appreciate any constructive comments on how to fix this.
I dont want to change to different desktop manager, as this one should work bug free.