How to force MAC address from boot.scr?

did you try “setenv ethaddr xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”?

2011/2/3 Ric.Rug <>

ehm... ehm... no.... does it work?

it depends on what Ethernet adapter you have and whether it is recognized in u-boot. I have a board with Ethernet chip installed on and “setenv ethaddr …” works for me.

You need to provide more details about your HW configuration. You asked about how to set MAC from u-boot - I answered.

2011/2/4 Ric.Rug <>

OK... I really appreciate... I'm using the embedded usb0 of the BBxM!

It won't work AFAIK, since ehci support in u-boot is not complete, and
a driver for
SMSC LAN9514 on-board Ethernet controller is needed.

Only OTG port is supported, you can try with a usb-eth external