Machine learning Course Using the BBAI-64 Download

I have been researching the Imagination GPU in the BBAI-64 found a course which teaches how to build machine learning models for the “PowerVR® Rogue™ 8XE GE8430 3D GPU” using the BBAI-64! You can sign up and download the course material from the Imagination University Programme at Training and Teaching Resources - Imagination University Programme scroll down to EdgeAI: Principles & Practices.

This course actually has a really helpful lab where you setup a USB camera with the BBAI-64 and use v4linux and gstreamer. Currently working through the rest of course building edge AI solutions at the moment.

Well worth digging into, it was developed with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, tons of good tips on using the BBAI-64 so far.

Happy Hacking.