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Are you comfortable with using OpenCV for your solution? You could set an interrupt from your optical sensor, to call cvCaptureFromCAM(). Is this feasible for your project goals?

30 fps on a bone? Is it possible? I doubt if a full speed xm is capable doing such frame rate. However I never tried

As far as I know, the function cvCaptureFromCAM() is deprecated.

Yes this is what I need, a function like cvCaptureFromCAM().

Please is anybody is using this function I would really appreciate an
I searched in the opencv header files and I havent found it.


I made a mistake, the function

Again, i made a mistake, the function cvCaptureFromCam is not deprecated of course.

Anyway, could you explaime how to set an interrupt from the optical sensor?
I guess this is the it would work


Sorry it’s a bit off-topic but cvCaptureFromCam IS deprecated.
To be honest the whole C-style OpenCV API is deprecated. It’s just that there are waaaay too many examples out there using the old API so the new, OpenCV 2.x API seems strange and unused.
The API you are using is calling the new API inside they are providing legacy support and the old ways to easily create memory leaks :slight_smile:

The new API documentation can be found here:
I’d recommend playing with grab(), and retrieve() and operator>>(). Also check out the samples for C++ in the OpenCV directory. Why all this trouble? The new API provides a smartpointer-based data type: cv::Mat to avoid leaking memory and unnecessary copy of memory.

About that 30 FPS: I’m not too confident about that. Are you familiar with how badly usual webcams work? You will hardly run them 24/7, even 24/1 :slight_smile: They get way too noisy and hot after using them for longer. You could also check first if the Bone is able to support such speed of capture.


2012/11/21 Frank Ramos <>