Maemo Beagleboard - Does anyone have a compiled image?

I'm an N900 user (a bit of an N900 freak).
I would love to run Maemo on my Beagleboard.

But I have been looking for a pre-compiled rootfs.

Does anyone have one?
I would be VERY, VERY appreciative if someone could help and list an
uploaded one or possibly even upload one?? :slight_smile:

I really love Maemo.
I have attempted to pull my RootFS from my N900 into a *.tar.gz but it
did not run.

Dear N900 freak, why don’t you use GOOGLE? You can find a lot of interesting things by using search engines!

2011/2/9 Jason H <>

I can google. I have been there. I spend a lot of time at maemo garage
and maemo talk.
There are nor rootfs images there. You have to install the SDK and
compile. I'm just after a precompiled image.