Major products based on BeagleBoard?

Are there any major commercially available products based on Beagleboard? I ask this because of the seemingly significant number of bugs encountered by the developers here and wonder how that translates into an end product.

This question has been asked, many times. We do not allow BeabgleBoards to be used in commercially available products.

However, if someone wants to take the Open Source Hardware files and adapt them for use in a product, they can do that. We have dozens of comapnies that have gone down this route. Some used it as is and others made modifications to suit their applications. These companies then take ther SW and harden it for use in their products.


That what I asked Gerald, products “based on” Beagleboard not products made from Beagleboard. Is there a list of those products based on the modified designs?

No, we don’t exactly divulge information from these folks. No to mention we don’t know who all these people are. And some are very big name companies. Most all of the people make modifications to the design and and that point it becomes their design. Whether are not they want to talk about it is up to them.

The first one out there was the Always Innovating Touchbook, but that is common knowedge and those guys talk openly about it.


Cool. I’m aware of the Touchbook. Seems a nice product.

Cool. I'm aware of the Touchbook. Seems a nice product.

There are plenty of other systems and modules based on the core
system-on-chip (DM3730, which is essentially an OMAP3630 with some
minor changes to peripherals away from mobile phone specific features
such as licensed serial interfaces for camera and LCD). You can get a
bit of an idea from, but I cannot
confirm the accuracy. Several designs have utilized the BeagleBoard
as a starting point, but I honestly have no idea if you'd have heard
of any of them or if any of them are listed on that wiki page.
Customers likely address some issues in both the hardware and
software, but my goal is to continue to evolve the BeagleBoard
software in the mainline bootloader and kernel trees to make it ready
for production use. As has been indicated, there is no guarantee that
the BeagleBoard design is ready for production, but you do get an
affordable opportunity to pound on it and evaluate it for yourself.

Very true about being able to pound on it. Offers great potential for innovation.