Makathon Open Source hardware hackathon | Silicon Valley San Carlos | March 28-30

Hardware Hackathon | 28-30 March | Techshop San Carlos

Beableboard Community,## Hardware hackers, Programmers, Arduino enthusiasts, Roboticists,
Here is THE must attend hackathon of the season and here’s why:### 1) COOL THEMES:
Social Impact | Improved Wearable | Music makes me happy
2) MENTORSHIP - these experts will be on-call to coach


  • Electric Imp will provide a kit per team to connect your device to wifi!
  • Voltaic System will provide a 6 Watt Solar Charger Kit as a prize.
  • BITalino will provide a physiological sensors kit as a prize
  • LittleBits will provide a kit as a prize.
  • and many more surprises to come!


  • Jonathan Charles, VC Team, Samsung Catalyst Fund
  • Kevin Hale, Partner, Y Combinator
  • Carlos Uranga, Founder, OpenFuelCell
    Join us for an awesome weekend of hardware hacks! Pitch your idea or join a team, meet like-minded people, learn and have fun. We’ll provide an arduino board per team with dev kit, workshop and food^^

All level welcome and feel free to bring your beagleboard~

Eventbrite - Makathon SV

Hope to see you there, if any question, reach out to carole[at]makathon[dot]org