Make flasher sd card from custom image

Does anyone know how to burn a custom ubuntu image (namely this one) to the emmc onboard the beaglebone?

I am using the beaglebone black for a project that uses the onboard SPI, I2C and an externally powered USB hub, however when I try and use the supplied image here, the kernel is unable to enumerate any devices on the externally connected usb hub (although the hub shows up in dmesg). The first ubuntu kernel mentioned here has no issues and works great when i boot it off of an sd card. I just cant figure out how to get it on to the emmc. I tried running this script to copy the working image from the sd card to the emmc but when it completes (after making a few edits to get the script to run all the way through) and I cycle power, the beaglebone hangs on boot.

Any ideas here? The ultimate goal is to make a flasher sd card image that can be burned to any sd card and popped into a beaglebone to flash the working image!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Wound up just using the BBlfs repo here to do what I needed!

Thanks zmatt on irc!


If you ever want to generate sd card images you want to directly dd, I use this class: