Make sure the Beaglebone Black is genuine


This is my first post here. So I bought a Beaglebone black from e-bay ( I usually buy things directly from the manufacturer, but this time due to shipping cost I had to go for e-bay. Since the seller is Chinese(no offence) I am a bit worried whether the Beaglebone-Black I have now is a fraud/clone or an original.

The box says ‘element 14 Beaglebone Black’. I connected to the PC and the LEDs are also coming up and I could log it through COM port.

Is there any defined way to check whether the device is original?

Thank you.

It is original. Made by Embest, supported by Element14.


Are you telling the exact board I have is original, or the manufacturer
'Element 14' original?

There are loads of counterfeit silicon in e-bay. That's what I am worried
about? Even-though the box says it is Element14 is there any serial or a
signature to determine it exactly?


I am telling you that you have a board based on the latest BeagleBone Black design that is made by Embest and sold by Element 14 as their product.

As to whether or not someone is out there counterfeiting an Element 14 product, my advice is to ask them.


Thank you

$80? That is a bit much. I purchase a few at a time from MCM.

What is MCM?

I live in Sri Lanka. So there is no other place to buy bbb. :frowning: Shipping is always around 20 ~ 30$.

A distributor.