Mame on Beagleboard

Has anyone successfully gotten Mame to run on the Beagleboard? I want to use Beagleboard to power a home arcade project, but wasn’t sure what the quality was like. I know it’s possible, I just wanted to know what the results were and what games would struggle on the device.


I have Fuse-emulator and Spectemu compiled from daily cvs source under
Debian ARM, and they are able to emulate ZX Spectrum at 100% speed.
While most of arcade machines use Z80 CPU too, or 6502 which is much
simpler, I do believe they'll work fine too.


Lee McColl Sylvester napsal(a):

I can't comment on what games will have troubles running on
BeagleBoard. It's highly probable that all games that use
MAME dynamic recompiler (for instance MIPS-based games)
will run slowly. Also sound emulation might be an issue since,
recently, many games accuracy was improved at the cost of

The most portable variant is SDLMAME (which can almost be
considered as official given who works on it). OTOH if you
want speed at all cost, you should consider MAME4ALL which
uses a hacked older version of MAME, including hand-written
CPU emulators written in assembly language.



I believe that OpenPandora developers at least ran Final Burn Alpha (fba2x) on the BeagleBoard with success. There are YouTube videos of it running on the OpenPandora that indicate the performance is good.

There's also this video of Pandora running MAME:

I don't know what version or derivative of MAME they used.


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I guess the only way to be sure is to simply run the darn emu on a Beagleboard and find out, huh? :wink:


people trying MAME on BeagleBoard could report which games runs fine,
and which doesn't, like between the early b&w from 70's (like space
invaders) to the late 3d ones (like daytona usa) - neo-geo ones maybe
can be an average reference?

Please try also OpenMSX, which is also Z-80 - from the early MSX1 16kb
titles (like those from Konami), to the late Turbo-R imagedisks - MSX
has also some interesting demos, like from finnish BandWagon

don't forget also trying pygame entries - some games
there are heavy on a 2ghz p4 with a generic 2d board - i'm curious to
know how fine some titles from there works on BeagleBoard


Kindly needs steps that needs to be followed to configure a simple TFTP using Devkit8000 ( clone of beagle board). I currently using RJ45 connection available on the board to do the transfer.

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I got it working.

Ah cool, this is something I was wondering about myself. Figured it would take a huge amount of code porting, but I’ll see once i check out your writeup. Thanks for sharing.

That’s really cool, i will test it for sure in my BBB :slight_smile: