Manually building the Kernel


I have setup Angstrom running on my Beagle Board B7 and its working
but i now have to reduce the boot time which the Beagle Board takes to
kernel and then the GUI

for that i want to manually configure the kernel to include only
those modules that are required and remove other unnecessary stuff..

can anyone guide me how to go about it
there are a lot of resources but i am just confused going through all
of them

i have downloaded the kernel source from
git clone git://

is this the correct kernel source or let me know from where i can
download the kernel source for Beagle Board and also in future i am
going to use Beagle Board xM version so will it make a difference
while porting the same kernel which i build now to that version of
Beagle Board

i wanted to know what cross compiler i should use to build the kernel
or normal gcc compiler for linux will work fine by just configuring
the make file to suit the Beagle Board.

Go to the angstrom website and read the second news article

Hi Koen,

As per your guidance when I was Building Base Image for Beagle board using the following command :