Manufacturing a BeagleBone Blue variant

Hi all,

I’m working on developing an robotics SBC (based on BeagleBone Blue), but with some mods:

  • add 2x ethernet port (in addition to wi-fi)

  • add input/output protection

  • add additional serial I/O

  • swap barrel jack for micro-USB

  • redesign connectors/LEDs/buttons for enclosure

  • change UFL antennas to board traces

  • change eMMC to 16-32GB

  • change board shape slightly

…which make it impractical to just design an adapter board for the Blue.

I wanted to seek advice from the BeagleBoard team on the best/cheapest way to manufacture a board like this in smallish quantities (100-1000), and if it makes sense to pay for assembly, are there any companies you could recommend?

Also, are there any PCB fabs you could recommend?
I use PCBWay for prototyping, but I’m not sure if it’s sensible to use them to manufacture a product.

Thanks guys!


Take a look at SeeedStudio:

Just recently they have now started manufacturing the x15, BeagleBoard
xM and BeagleBone Black's.. Along with their existing Green product.