Matlab Simulink contest for students

I just saw Mathworks tweet a reminder about this and I thought I'd
share it on the list. Note that you can use BeagleBoards!

How to Enter:
* Create an original video for YouTube that includes:
* Short introduction to the problem you solved or application you
developed using Simulink Support for Target Hardware
* Demonstration of how you used Simulink Support for Target Hardware
* Upload your video to YouTube with the tag "#Simulinkhardware."
* Submit a Simulink Student Challenge – Targeting Hardware entry form
by 31 August 2012 before 5:00 PM EST (10:00 PM GMT).

Key Dates:
* 31 August, 2012: Submission deadline
* 1 - 14 September, 2012: Judging
* 1 October, 2012: Winners announced

* First Place: $500
* Second Place: $300
* Third Place: $200

Challenge Guidelines:
* You must be a student currently enrolled at a degree-granting institution.
* MathWorks employees are not eligible.
* All entries will be judged by MathWorks application support
engineers on a 100-point scale using these criteria:
* Appropriateness of entry to contest theme of Simulink Support for
Target Hardware (30-point maximum)
* Creativity and originality of the video (40-point maximum)
* Depth of Simulink Support for Target Hardware knowledge demonstrated
in the challenge solution (30-point maximum)
* If two or more videos receive the same winning score, the
corresponding submitters will receive the same prize.
* Winners will be notified by telephone or email.
* The top three winners will be announced here and on Facebook and Twitter.
* Decisions by the judges are final.
* Recommended length for the YouTube video is 3 to 5 minutes.
* Teams can enter, but each team should designate only one
representative per entry who receives that prize should that team win.