Maximum current on pins


how do I figure out, how much current I can source/sink from my BeagleBone Black’s pins? What I have found:
The manual of the AM335x Sitara Processor ( provides me with a table of the pin attributes.
The following pictures show the pin configuration of my BeagleBone Black.

Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png
For example: I want to know the maximum current I can source from P9_11. Then I would look for the signal “GPIO_30”.
The table tells me its provided by the processor pin named “GPCM_CSn1” which can provide 6 mA.

Is my answer correct?

However, I can’t find “SYS_5V” for example. How much current can I source from that pin? And where do I get the information from?

I would be grateful for your help.

It is found in the processor datashhet. It isn’t much. 6mA max and as low as 3mA.



For future reference:
this datasheet , Table 4-1 “Pin Attributes”