Meassuring CPU load on BeagleBone Black

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Using the BeagleBone Black running 3.8.13-bone47, and I’m searching for a method for measuring the CPU load. This may be a standart Linux command, but i havn’t been albe to find any. Somebody know of a effective method for this?

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This is really a Linux topic, and not anything specific. There are commands, and even an API that gives this information back. But it’s not how you might think . . . uptime for instance gives this information. . . .

Anyway, it’s up to you to search the web and find information. A simple “linux get cpu load in C” or whatever keywords you prefer will work wonders . . .

and not anything specific to this hardware or kernel <----

We use 'top' and 'htop'.


Literally the first off google for me →