meeting minutes 6/21/10

Hi Jason, hope travels are treating you well.
Here are minutes & transcript from this morning's meeting, also uploaded
to :
* koen
* Jefro
* ppoudel
* ssc
* Katie
* av500
* Crofton
* cfriedt
* topfs2
* notzed
* maltanar
* mru
* drinkcat
* eFfeM_work
* Hardware review
* Weekly reports
* Lightning Talks
* Problems building project
* Blog titles not showing up in email
* Documentation on the wiki
* neo01124 still needs an XDS100v2 - no update

I dropped a note to Cathy about that one. She's probably still
fighting customs and TI shipping.

===Weekly Reports===
* jkridner1 (Jason) to evaluate Yahoo Pipes,, and - continued to next week, low priority

Yeah, the low-tech side of me wants to suggest simply adding the
project name into the titles at the source. The other solution that
looks reasonable to me is to setup an RSS-to-e-mail feed for each
project. I'll try to set that up this week.

===Lightning Talks===
* several students have submitted/uploaded or will today
* some need more than 5 minutes, is that ok?
* students should put link to uploaded presentations on their project page
* Q&A Weds, proposed same time slot as this meeting (2pm UTC = 7am PDT, 9am
CDT, 4pm Europe time) on #beagleboard-gsoc

The eTech Day is now Tuesday, June 29th. Sorry to disrupt your schedules. :frowning:

I'm trying to get the site ( to
link to the webchat for the Q&A. The objective here is to get more
people around TI and TI customers to know more about the open source
community and GSoC.