Memory Component Density


I apologize if this has been covered prior. My searches have turned up empty. Is anyone aware of the maximum DDR memory configuration that the AM3559 can support with DDR3? The manual states a single X16 device or two X8 devices, but I can’t find a reference to the maximum component density. The BBB has a 4Gb part. Is this the maximum component density?

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The maximum is 1GB (8Gb). It is on the first page of the processor datasheet.

To get there, you will need to use 4 x8 packages. So, the maximum on the BB is 4Gb as it uses a x16 part…



4 X chips means 32bit memory bus but I think am335x supports only 16bit bus. Am I right?

Actually, that should be x8. Working on a design that uses x4!


From the am3358 datasheet:

External Memory Interfaces (EMIF)
• mDDR: 200-MHz Clock (400-MHz Data
• DDR2: 266-MHz Clock (532-MHz Data
• DDR3: 400-MHz Clock (800-MHz Data
• DDR3L: 400-MHz Clock (800-MHz Data
16-Bit Data Bus
• 1 GB of Total Addressable Space
Supports One x16 or Two x8 Memory

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So I guess the more readily available option from a component standpoint right now is (2) X8 4Gb components to reach the 1GB addressable space.

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Yes, if your wallet is big enough. It would also require a re-layout and most likely having to use the termination resistors as well.


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