Memory compression for BeagleBoard


Has anyone ever tried memory compression on beagleboard? I think it
can be really useful for this memory constraint board:

Till now all my development work has been on x86/x64. So, I would be
really interested to know if it works on ARM too. I now plan to extend
support to ARM so your input (bug reports/suggestion/fixes) will be


I didn't find anything architecture specific in compcache. It seems to
work without issue everytime I've used it on ARM architectures,
including beagleboard. For my own use case, I would sometimes get low
and very fragmented memory and run out of order 2 (16k) allocations
which are required for fork() on ARM. Changing ramzswap to allocate
pages in 16k units helped a bit, but of course decreased the
probability of ramzswap making allocations.

Things I'd really like to see is for ramzswap to be able to release
backing for pages that are no longer in memory, either automatically
or through an oom notification callback. I'd also like to see a page
migrate handler for ramzswap allocated pages.