Memory Error

Hello Everyone, I am trying to install opencv library on my beagle bone black. When I run the command it starts downloading it, comes up to 99% completion and then it shows a Memory error.
But the available memory is 1.4GB of a total of 3.6GB.
memory error

do you have a screen shot of the actual memory error…


Yes, I have it.

Do you have the full install log?

Or what did you type to install it?

sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev and
pip3 install opencv-python

i used above two commands.
Thank you

Ah, so pip3 will install and build all dependices needed for the application… For the memory error, that’s something you need to report to the owner of the pip3 opencv-python package. opencv-python · PyPI (and memory in this term looks to be system memory, or ram… not storage space…)

Debian provides it’s own version of the python opencv package via:

sudo apt install python3-opencv